Our commitment to our customers, partners, and friends

during the coronavirus pandemic.

The HoloBuilder
COVID-19 Action Plan

We are providing support for you to

build through these unprecedented times.

Are you building hospitals / care facilities, storage units, temporary shelters, or any other COVID-19 emergency relief project? If so, document it with HoloBuilder—at no cost!

FREE Access for All COVID-19 Related Construction Projects

FREE 360° Camera With Every New and Paid Project

Do you want to create a new digital progress record with HoloBuilder? Sign-up for a new qualifying annual Project Plan until April 30th, 2020 and get a brand new 360° camera on top—completely for free!

FREE Onboarding & Training Webinars

Do you need assistance with getting everyone on the same page remotely with digital progress records in HoloBuilder? Join the user training and best practices webinars highlighting how to work remotely using HoloBuilder—available two times per week!

FLEXIBLE Terms & Conditions

We are here to help to make ends meet: We are flexible when it comes to contract terms & conditions that would help you to handle the situation better—just let us know what you need! Simply reach out to your HoloBuilder point of contact or email sales@holobuilder.com.

We are committed to our employees, customers, partners, and their families to get through these challenging times together!

"I want to assure you that HoloBuilder will do everything we can to support a safe and productive environment for you and your teams during these times. As travel is discouraged, we know that many of you will want to rely on HoloBuilder’s remote site access more than ever, and we are making sure that you have what you need to make that happen."
—Mostafa Akbari-Hochberg, President & Co-Founder, HoloBuilder, Inc.

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