Thank you for your interest in using the Insta360 Pro camera with the HoloBuilder JobWalk app.

In order to connect the Insta360 Pro camera to the HoloBuilder JobWalk app, you have to download and install a custom firmware for the camera. Download it with the button below.

After downloading the firmware, please proceed with the following steps to install it to your camera:
1. Extract the downloaded ZIP file "“ to your hard drive. Inside the extracted folder „208“ you should find a file named „Insta360_Pro_Update.bin“.
2. Please ensure that the camera’s battery is charged to at least 30% capacity and that the camera is connected to a power adapter. If the camera is in the power-off state, please boot it by pressing the “POWER” key.
3. Copy the „Insta360_Pro_Update.bin“ file into the main directory of your SD card (not into a subfolder).
4. Restart the camera with the „Insta360_Pro_Update.bin“ file in the main folder of the SD card inside the camera. When rebooting, the camera will enter the upgrade stage and process the firmware update. After the installation is done, the camera will restart again.

If you want to download the firmware later to your PC for installing it to the camera, you can send yourself the link to this website via e-mail with the button below.

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