Travel Less. See More.

Create a digital progress record of your construction site.

Access and monitor your jobsite progress remotely from anywhere with 360° photo capture.

Remote Construction Progress Management with HoloBuilder


Bridge the Gap Between Field and Office

Overcome physical barriers and see all corners of your jobsite without having to be there physically.


Share & Track Progress Faster

Enhance communication among team members, owners, and other stakeholders with instant access.


Gather Field Reports Accurately

Capture all the details of every phase of your project, avoid costly reworks, and cover your back.


Get Everyone on the Same Page

Improve team communication and decision-making process with robust visual information.


Utilize Powerful Integrations

Connect your digital progress record with our partners to record issues, RFI, markups, historical data, and more.

A New Technology, for a New World

How Our Customers Are Working Remotely

Gilbane, the leading construction and facility management firm, created 360° digital job site replicas for the Proton Therapy project team in Houston to be accessed and analyzed remotely. They also managed to complete their photo documentation time in half the time and half the cost. 

Remote Jobsite Tracking Has Never Been Easier

Single Source of Truth

Getting everybody on the same page doesn't have to be difficult. 360° photos organized by location and time can be used to communicate problems and deficiencies. Eliminate guesswork by easily orienting yourself in the room with a 360° view to observe each angle effortlessly.

View Everything in Detail

2D Photo Feature allows you to highlight important jobsite information by capturing close-up shots. These photos are then attached to your 360° photos for extra details. Use this feature to highlight a malfunctioned outlet, a cautionary sign on the ceiling, and more. Locations that contain 2D photos will be highlighted on the floor plan for easy access.

Regain Control from Home

Keeping your visual evidence up-to-date is important especially during unexpected site shutdowns. 360° view makes it easy to check for any incorrect installations and on areas that require extra clarification. Markups and notes can be created on the 360° photos and shared with your team to ensure inspections are done accordingly before handover. TimeTravel provides you with historical data to inspect previous installations, so you can regain control of your jobsite records without leaving your home.

Capture What Matters

JobWalk App Planner eliminates guess work by connecting users from the office to the jobsite. Mark specific locations in your office before capturing on the field so you know exactly where to capture your 360° photos.

Powerful Integrations

Accelerate Your Progress Tracking Process. Transform the Reliability and Cost-Efficiency of Your Projects With Powerful Integrations:

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