HoloBuilder SpotWalk

SpotWalk is HoloBuilder’s integration with Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot. The integration allows control of autonomous photo capture from the HoloBuilder JobWalk App (iOS and Android).

How It Works



Teach Spot a path to walk and define capture locations where Spot will take 360° progress photos.


Auto Capture

Have Spot repeat the trained path autonomously and capture 360° photos at the predefined locations.



Upload the data captured with Spot the digital progress record in the secure HoloBuilder Cloud for remote site access and team viewing/collaboration.  

How Our Customers Use Spot Today

Hensel Phelps, a nationwide leader in the development, construction and management of landmark buildings, has been deploying Spot at the Harvey Milk Terminal 1 Project in the San Francisco International Airport. 

Pomerleau, a leading Canadian General Contractor, is putting SpotWalk to work in Montreal, Canada. 

Autonomous Photo Documentation Made Easy

Single Source of Truth

SpotWalk eliminates time-consuming photo management and avoids confusion by creating a single source of truth that can be accessed by all stakeholders on-site or from a remote location.


Documenting site progress at the end of the day can be tedious, but SpotWalk can be trained to autonomously tour a programmed route, taking 360° photos as it walks. By delegating this work to technology, site workers can be released from draining and repetitive tasks to address mission-critical work like coordinating work or managing risk.


For compliance purposes, it’s important to have a consistent digital progress record, but often other important work gets in the way of consistent 360° photo capture. This can result in photo documentation with gaps and inconsistencies, which could generate problems further down the line. However, you can always rely on SpotWalk to put your progress documentation on autopilot.

SpotWalk in the Press

"HoloBuilder does more than collect and organize the 360-degree images they shoot. It also employs machine vision AI to make sense of them."

"This partnership ... removes a time-consuming step while providing accurate construction photos with a high degree of fidelity."

"According to Boston Dynamics Vice President of Business Development Michael Perry, the SpotWalk application is the first-of-its-kind integration for their robots."

"The integration creates repeatable, actionable data, addresses all phases of a construction project, and improves productivity."

SpotWalk FAQs

What is SpotWalk?

SpotWalk is an application developed by HoloBuilder that is deeply integrated with Boston Dynamics’ robot “Spot” to document construction progress autonomously with 360° Photo Capture.

Does HoloBuilder sell/resell Spot?

HoloBuilder does not resell the Spot robot itself. If you are interested in getting Spot, please get in touch with our partner Boston Dynamics here

What is the breakdown between HoloBuilder’s wider platform and SpotWalk?

The regular HoloBuilder platform provides 360° Photo Capture workflows to create a digital record of your site’s progress remote site access. HoloBuilder’s mobile JobWalk App and a 360° camera are all you need to get started with 360° Photo Capture.

SpotWalk can be added to the HoloBuilder mobile JobWalk App to automate the 360° Photo Capture in the field with the Spot robot. The photos that SpotWalk captures are uploaded to the HoloBuilder platform and will be integrated into your Digital Progress Record automatically.

How much does SpotWalk cost?

Please get in touch by filling out the below form to learn more about terms and conditions as well as the pricing of SpotWalk. 

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