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Spring to the Future with HoloBuilder


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Say hello to the future by spring cleaning your progress tracking procedures.

HoloBuilder is the fastest software solution for construction teams to capture & share 360° virtual job walks of construction sites or buildings.

The web-platform is designed by and made for construction professionals. It enables them to increase revenue, save time, and improve communication between contractors, architects, and engineers by empowering them to manage, share and collaborate with 360° reality captures in the cloud.

The mobile companion app "JobWalk" is simplifying the integration into daily work by enabling the fastest possible capturing process in the field while making the results instantly accessible to all project stakeholders quickly and efficiently through the cloud.

360° Progress Documentation for Construction Teams

Web Viewer


Keep everyone informed, wherever you are. Monitor progress and share job site tours without ever leaving the office.

Distance Measurement

JobWalk Mobile App

Keep your data safe, forever. Hand it over to stakeholders in one simple package that fits on a USB Flash Drive.

Document your progress as fast as you can walk your jobsite. All you need is a mobile device and 360° camera.

Web Editor

Share the latest updates, all in one place. Document changes, leave comments and share with an unlimited number of stakeholders.

Core Features

Using computer vision technology, estimate dimensions inside your 360° images without ever pulling out a tape measure.


Offline Handover

Easily find relevant content and share specific subsets of your project — even with 100K+ 360º images in one project.

HoloBuilder integrates seamlessly with a large variety of proven industry tools.

Annotation & Doc. Attachment

Share key findings and updates where people know to find them. Eliminate communication gaps, period.

Unlimited Sheets

Add as many sheets as your projects requires, whether it’s one story or one hundred.

See who is part of your HoloBuilder Organization (add and remove with ease)

Manage your company billing and multi-tiered user admin from your dashboard.

Manage your company billing and Multi-Tiered User Administration from your Enterprise Dashboard for an easy roll-out of HoloBuilder in your organization.

All your projects

Multi-tiered admin

View all the projects in your company or region on one dashboard

Enterprise Ready

Easily Manage Users

Used globally and trusted by more than 40% of the ENR Top 100 Contractors in the US, including: