Learn how to set-up your LIVE streaming solution for 360° real-time construction progress monitoring in a few simple steps.

360 SiteStream
Quick Start Guide

What do you need to get started with 360 SiteStream?

Web browser to access your live stream(s) in the HoloBuilder Web Viewer.

One or more Ricoh Theta V camera(s) in WiFi client mode with 360 SiteStream plug-in installed.

HoloBuilder Releases 360 SiteStream - World’s First 360° Live Streaming Solution for Real-Time Construction Progress Monitoring

Internet connection over WiFi or Mobile/Cellular Access Point with

  • 1 Mbps Upstream, 1 Mbps Downstream for minimum resolution
  • 2 Mbps Up- and Downstream for 720p medium quality
  • 3 Mbps Up- and Downstream for 1080p high quality
  • 15 Mbps Up- and Downstream for highest quality (up to 4K)

For Mobile/Cellular Access Point at least 3G connection required, UMTS HSPA is recommended.

Tripod plus Extension Adapter TE-1 so that the camera can be connected to a power supply 24/7. 

You will also need an electric plug + USB adapter to provide the camera with constant power supply.

Please note: The camera will automatically restart if it fails for unknown reasons.

Mobile Device (iOS or Android) with the HoloBuilder JobWalk App installed.

How to configure your hardware and software for 360 SiteStream?

HoloBuilder Releases 360 SiteStream - World’s First 360° Live Streaming Solution for Real-Time Construction Progress Monitoring

Setting up the live stream in the JobWalk app

HoloBuilder Releases 360 SiteStream - World’s First 360° Live Streaming Solution for Real-Time Construction Progress Monitoring

Accessing the live stream in the HoloBuilder Web Editor/Viewer (desktop / mobile)

Installing the 360 SiteStream Plug-In App on your Theta V camera

  1. Download and install the RICOH THETA basic software to your computer from here.
  2. Connect your Theta V camera to your computer (which is running the RICOH THETA basic software v3.6.0 or higher) via USB cable.
  3. Download the "HoloBuilder 360 SiteStream" plug-in app from the RICOH THETA PLUG-IN STORE here.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions inside the RICOH THETA basic software to install the HoloBuilder 360 SiteStream plug-in app to your camera.
  1. Hold the “Mode” button on your Theta V camera for 2 seconds to start its plug-in mode. A white LED will indicate that the plug-in mode is now started. After about 30 seconds the “LIVE” LED should be blinking as well. It indicates that the camera is now ready to set up the live stream.
  2. Open your JobWalk app and sign-in to your HoloBuilder account.
  3. Open the project that you would like to link to the live stream. 
  4. In the project details screen, tap on the 360 SiteStream button      .
  5. A list of all cameras that are currently in range and are in WiFi-client mode will be displayed. Choose the camera you want to connect to the live stream from the list.
    Please note: You will not be able to capture new Scenes/360° pictures with the camera(s) configured for 360 SiteStream because they are in WiFi-client mode.
  6. On the sheet select a waypoint you want to link the live stream of the camera to. Ideally, this should be the location on the sheet where you installed the camera.
  7. When tapping on the waypoint you will be asked to set a 360 SiteStream password to control access to your live stream. Everyone who wants to view the live stream will have to enter the password. This way your 360 SiteStream is protected against unauthorized access.
  8. Check that the “LIVE” LED is turned on and stopped blinking. This indicates that the camera is now ready to stream.
  9. Upload the project to save your live stream setup.

Please note:

The live stream functionality is only available in the latest version of the JobWalk app for iOS and Android. Please make sure to update your apps to the latest versions and contact us if you have any questions.

  1. Go to HoloBuilder.com and sign-in to your account in the Web Editor.
  2. Open the project in which you set up the live stream before.
  3. Switch to preview mode in the top bar.
  4. Open the Scene for which you set up the live stream. 
  5. Click on the live stream icon       in the bottom right corner 
  6. Enter the password you choose for the live stream during the setup in the JobWalk app.  
  7. The live stream will turn on!
    Please note: The recording LED on the camera will turn on to show that the camera is streaming. Just in the case that someone on-site is checking the status.
  8. To stop the live stream click the live steam button again or close the browser window.

    Please note: You can also view your live streams in the web browser on your mobile device. Therefore just open the viewing link to the project directly in the browser of your mobile device and tap on the live stream icon!

Positioning the camera(s) on your construction site.

  1. Attach your Ricoh Theta V camera to a USB cable with power plug to make sure it is supplied with electricity/charging all the time.
  2. Attach the extension adapter TE-1 to the camera.
  3. Place the camera on a tripod with the Extension Adapter TE-1 in between to make sure the USB power supply remains connected.
  4. Postion the tripod with the camera mounted on the extension adapter in the middle of the room and connect it to the power source.

    Please note:
    Placing the setup in the middle of the site on a tripod is just a recommendation.
    As a full 360° solution you can of course place the camera wherever you want, depending on the current site situation. Mounting on a wall or top-down from the ceiling is also an option.
    If you need extra safety you can place the tripod on a work bench as well to protect it from being run over.

Learn everything in the video or read our tutorial.

In the case of any question please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at any time! 

If you are new, you can also schedule a HoloBuilder demo with a representative.

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